Brand new era for Luminance starting now

After decades of separating my creative interests and operating in a singular way it's now time to bring it all together as one.

My journey started during my school holidays at my Nan's. She taught me to sew on her old Singer treadle sewing machine - I'm sure it was a ploy to keep me occupied and out of her hair but I loved it. The combination of the romantic old machine and the ability to create my own clothes the way I wanted was fascinating and exciting. I always strive to create clothes that flatter the body, using my own style and not following the trends. My other requirement is quality, they have to last. Construction has to be the best and I often get items redone so they meet my own standards. As well as this I'm conscious of my footprint on the Earth and I do everything I can to minimise my impact on the environment. Where I can I use reclaimed fabrics and vintage fabrics sourced from end of roll designer fabrics as well as op shops, garage sales, which also goes to helping charities and local communities.

In highschool I became enamored with the arts. I was fascinated by the colour theory and ancient art, it was alchemistic. I would spend my nights sketching instead of doing my homework.

This love of art also inspired me do the makeup and hair for all of my fashion photoshoots, so I decided to study makeup artistry and hairdressing. The art and design of fashion expanded out with the costumes and wigs, it just kept growing into a lovely cohesion of art forms in one complete story on the page, stage or screen.

In keeping with my ethos I've found the most amazing makeup brand. Professional quality, environmentally conscious, plant based products in one hundred percent recyclable packaging.

It's my greatest wish that my creations will make you look fabulous and feel gorgeous so you can get out there and seize the day.

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