Test shooting and the art of team building

Seeing as I'm relatively new to Brisbane I've been doing a lot of TFP for other people. I have met some absolutely fabulous people who are all very talented. It was great fun being so creative and being allowed to go wild with imagination and do some really out there makeup and hairstyles. Having some ideas of my own that I've been thinking about for some time I decided it would be a good idea to be the organiser of a shoot rather than the team member. I wanted to use this shoot as a test shoot using talent I hadn't worked with yet.

It was a crazy amount of work, I had forgotten how much time it takes to communicate with people who have never worked with you before. I realised how my team in Melbourne had become a well oiled machine from years of working together, one that required a group text message and not much else. Building a whole team from scratch to work on the same project is a huge task and having to explain the project over and over seemed tedious, but then I started to refine it and I actually became really clear about what the test shoot was all about. How to Organise a Photoshoot 101 got pulled out of the back of my brain and dusted off.

It was an amazing day with some amazing talent. The sleepless nights paid off big time. Some beautiful photos were made and more importantly I achieved my goal of finding fabulous new talent with beauty on the inside as well.

The exercise reinforced how positive thoughts and actions make the biggest difference and going with the flow creates flow, despite not having all the team members I needed we pulled it off and best of all, all of the outfits got photographed in the time allotted. We are creatures of habit and having good habits that have become more of a reflex than a habit will get us through the difficult jobs with our professional status intact.

Are there things I would have liked to have done better? - for sure, I always strive for perfection and it gives me something to work toward on the next shoot...

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